IR1 Group provides biofuels industry clients with complete project development, engineering, construction and operations services.

IR1 Group personnel have successfully constructed and operated eight dry-mill corn based plants covering three distinct process designs over the last 18 years. IR1 managed a $25 million retrofit on a fourth dry mill process technology and is currently managing the operations of wet mill in Canada. In total, IR1 plants represent more than $650 million of construction and 325 million gallons of installed capacity.

IR1 is developing next generation biofuels projects and is currently serving as the lead developer of a next-gen energy beet based project in California and a biomass gas-to-liquids project in Colorado. We bring a core set of project development disciplines to guide projects through feasibility, development, finance, design & engineering, construction and operations. IR1 also works with private equity groups, banks, insurers, producers and others to evaluate and repair facilities, estimate capital costs for reconstruction, and provide specific expert advisory services.